Bunch Of Fun Playland is an unsupervised indoor playground and ceramic painting facility.

Children are not allowed to wear shoes upon entering the facility.

Adults may leave their shoes on but must take their shoes off before going into the playground areas.

Everyone must wear socks before going into the playground areas.

Absolutely no outside foods or drinks are allowed inside.

Bunch Of Fun Playland is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, or for any injuries that may occur in the indoor playground or in the entire facility.

There is absolutely no climbing on the outside of the playground structure.

Please make sure your children are well enough to fully enjoy Bunch Of Fun Playland.

All kids must be supervised by their parents or guardians to ensure everyone’s safety.

For safety purposes we have installed security cameras inside the whole facility.

In order to maintain a safe and child-friendly environment, management reserves the right to refuse entry to the indoor playground, pottery painting studio, and cafe when so deemed necessary, or to terminate a visit should equipment be used improperly or unsafely.  Management may also refuse a refund if the rules of the play space are disregarded.  We want you to enjoy your visit in a safe, respectful and fun environment.