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Play and Concentration

According to research, exercise increases attention and improves mood; helping all children, even kids with ADHD, to be less impulsive and thus more primed to learn.

When we walk, run, or jump, the brain releases important chemicals which affect focus and attention, and helps to increase alertness.

An indoor playground is a place where children can have fun, while enjoying the benefits that exercise brings.


Playtime and Social Skills

A children’s playground is a wonderful place to laugh and play, while also gaining important social skills.

As they run and play, kids learn how to get along with others in a happy environment.

Parents enjoy seeing their children having fun and healthy exercise in an exciting playground, while at the same time developing important skills for the future.


New Play Area

A new addition to our indoor playground is a beautiful play area, where parents can enjoy quality playtime with their children.

There are building blocks, toy food and utensils, dolls to dress up, small chairs and tables for a tea party, houses, a vendor stand and so much more.
Children will love to use their imagination in a kid’s world built especially for them.

Importance of Physical Excercise

A new study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research emphasizes the importance of physical exercise for teens.

Even one hour of exercise a day can have a positive impact on bone health in children and teens, according to Orthopedics Professor Mckay of the University of British Columbia.

So as kids run and enjoy our indoor playground, jump on the trampoline, and climb up the steps, they are also strengthening their bodies for the future.